Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Painter’s Clock

A few years back, my Dad received the “Painter’s Clock” pictured below as a gift.  Instead of numbers to mark the 12 hour positions, words line the face of the clock:  going counterclockwise, “bids” is at the 12-spot, and “cleanup” occupies the eleven through seven hours. “Paint” is at the six-spot, and “prep” completes the ... Read More

JWP at the 2017 Builder Blitz!

Wow, what a busy few months it’s been!  We’ve been doing all kinds of jobs throughout the metro–a 6,000 sq. ft. new-construction home near Indian Hills, a kitchen remodel with glazed cabinetry just down the street, a second-floor woodwork remodel in Regency, even an exterior repair and repaint of a 100-year-old Lincoln home, to name ... Read More